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Review by Bill from Runcorn 19th October 2021
5/5 - Was advised to buy this to cut Victorian floor tiles. It worked a treat Went on to use to help lay a family members laminate flooring. Again, it worked brilliantly It does take a bit of getting used to, allow to come up to speed before cutting and get the edge guide to enable a straight cut.

Review by Kevin Hamilton from London 30th January 2021
5/5 - I have used my EC18V saw for a number of years, on many DIY jobs flooring, kitchen cabinets, ceramic tiles and have experienced no problems. My last job was cutting porcelain tiles, where my saw jammed. It had been jammed for a few year when I decided to contact Exakt. Not only did I get a quick reply, but they suggested I post it to their workshop to examine. After only a week I received an email, from Alan, telling me my saw was now working. I only had to pay for the postage and I received my saw a few days later, hence my 5 stars.

Review by George from London 7th January 2021
0/5 - Really really bad item 30day money back absolute rubbish my father tried useing it to stiff to hard to use and you only get 12your money back if you have used it its rubbish do not by .

Review by Bill smith from London 11th May 2020
0/5 - Bag of s**** , thumb gets sore holding power button,seems dangerous too use

Review by JOHN from EDINBURGH 13th June 2018
0/5 - Bought from exact online product burnt out in first ten minutes of use. Could not get anyone from Exact to call me or email. Disgusted with the service.

Review by sharon from kent 2nd July 2017
3/5 - bought this off ideal it yesterday but cannot for the life of me undo the nut which holds the blade in..cannot get a blade in there helpppppp

Review by Richard Lofthouse from Teesside 28th February 2017
3/5 - Great piece of kit apart from the thumb fatigue after lengthy use. Ive written to ask if there is retro kit to make trigger operation easier, lets wait and see if I get an answer.

Review by Sam Eaglesham from Glasgow 20th March 2016
5/5 - Great tool, I put a little bit of wax on the guard to stop it sticking. I used it for cutting 20mm x20mm glass tiles,works a treat. Stick the tiles on to a bit of plywood using double sided sticking tape so they dont shatter. Only problem I found was cleaning it,it was a bit awkward,needs to be cleaned after use. Apart from that, its great

Review by Fox Man from North Wales 22nd October 2015
0/5 - Agree with the comments about ease of use or lack of it. Just tried cutting 6mm Aluminium plate and its very difficult as it jams, stops and generally feel very unsafe. Not impressed at all.

Review by Sue dale from Bishop Auckland 13th October 2015
2/5 - Cuts brilliantly, however you need the strength of Hercules to push down to engage the blade. This is while trying to keep the power switch slid one way and a safety lock held open at the same time, to work the damn thing Ergonomics are rubbish The advert where you see the bloke using it without issue is misleading

Review by jason smith from brighton 27th September 2015
2/5 - its ok but the guide numbers on the side rub off so easily so you cant see where the blade is not good

Review by Larry Gearing from Warwick 16th September 2015
0/5 - The u key to lock the shaft to change blade doest fit so never been able to use it. Unable to find a telephone number to contact so just an expensive paper weight. real shame.

Review by john from Ayrshire 26th April 2015
1/5 - Cant cut high density laminate, went through four blades before I ended up buying jig saw blades. cant recommend it because the blades are poor quality, dont last long and very expensive. Agree with other postings spring too strong and holding down the on switch and guard release causes sore wrists if used for a few long cuts. Will have to buy another manufacturers saw so am very disappointed.

Review by Mike Dorricott from UK 6th November 2014
5/5 - Very good saw after a minor alteration I dismantled the saw and changed the spring for a weaker one, now much easier to use

Review by Arthur Horsman from Hastings 28th June 2014
0/5 - I brought this when it was on offer. Used it last week, when the saw started to stop start then I received a electric shock. Have emailed them and waiting for a reply. Warning to all the shock was quite strong, BE CAREFUL.

Review by Gerry crawford from Yorkshire 26th December 2013
1/5 - Used it once to cut tiles got halfway through and it packed up,since found out you have to use dust extraction dident say that in the instructions, Im told the warranty is invalid,Id look for something else

Review by Jeff from Scotland 20th August 2013
2/5 - As previous reviewers comments regarding awkward to control pushing on off switch whilst pushing down and holding the guard clip to push down the safety guard which is stiff to depress and adds to the fatigue in use for lengthy user use.

Review by A Williams from Harrogate 3rd April 2013
4/5 - Very good bit of kit. I read some reviews before hand and they complained about it not being powerful enough and being hard to handle. If you use your sense and let the blade come up to speed and proceed gently it is in fact very fast and control is very easy. The only improvement possible is to have a better marker line for depth of cut but I need glasses anyway. Perhaps I should give it 5.

Review by Jaima from Glasgow 12th November 2012
2/5 - Good saw but the amount of hand pressure to push the guardfence down is unreal, the spring is far too stiff. Along with the above and having to pull back the power slide switch when the saw is being used and guide at the same time does cause fatigue in your hand. 2 STARS ONLY

Review by Derek Trow from midwales 11th December 2011
4/5 - Good points excellent for cutting plastic inter locking boards also excellent for cutting tilesBad points Switches difficult to work When cutting tiles it gets bloged up around cutting wheel and also causes vacum cleaner to cut out after cutting half a dozen tiles

Review by keithbob from gwent 8th October 2011
2/5 - love this tool and have done lots of laminate and tiling work with it,but have developed athritis and cant use it for long periods now.i hear the switch has been redesigned,so will look out for new design on offer.blades a bit pricy though.

Review by Steve Sinnott Heritage Tiling & Restoration Co from Liverpool 12th April 2011
5/5 - I have used the pro & am version from the inception i wouldnt leave home without it. I restore Victorian tiled floors and use the diamond blade, yes it is fiddly & gets damn hot but the advanyages outweigh the niggly bits. In all a brilliant bit of kit.

Review by Bob from Windermere 11th April 2011
5/5 - DC270 saw terrific piece of kit. Great for straight lines not curves with a solid base giving an easy 90 degree down cut and a guide allowing you to trim down to 1mm off the side of a piece of wood. The 26mm variable cut depth makes it ideal for floorboards and most general carpentry where a good straight line cut with one hand is needed.

Review by Frank G Harrington from UK 1st March 2011
3/5 - I bought the saw just before Xmas 2010. Its great saw for cutting straight lines. As with all the other comments. The spring for the safety cover is far too stiff.... Why are the tiny blades so expensive

Review by john from luton 25th February 2011
3/5 - Cut laminate floor very well. You need to get use to it. However the blade for cuttting laminate floor 6mm thickness did not last for long after 15 cuts of 20 cm long. I noted the blade was not cuting very well with burning smell at the same time. The blade is not cheap and I expected it to last longer, that was just 1 room 10x12ft. For that reason I will return.

Review by Peter from Ipswich 6th February 2011
5/5 - I found this to be a great little tool for those jobs where there is no other product that can quite cut it so to speak. A unique saw which I found easy to use and gave me a clean, accurate cut. Having read some of the previous reviews it seems some users have had problems with the switch. I dont know if this is an improved product, so cannot comment on whether it used to be more difficult to operate, but with the one I bought recently I had no problems and was very impressed.

Review by Alex Wright from Leamington Spa 31st January 2011
0/5 - I bought this because an advert stated that disabled people could use it and being disabled I did buy it, well this is absolute rubbish it is far too difficult to operate as you have too do three things at the same time, in my case I can forget it, I will be selling mine because after one try I find just too difficult to use, it should have a much weaker Spring fitted allowing it to be pushed much easier than it is, and a proper onoff switch would be better, if these improvements were made it would be a much better tool all round.

Review by Sean Sheehy from Co. Kerry, Ireland 29th November 2010
3/5 - The switch is a pain and the u tool wouldnt fit into the crank slot. I emailed JML where I purchased the saw. They responded quickly and sent another u tool but it wouldnt work either. I am now awaiting forther instructions from JML.

Review by Alan Baxter from Solihull 12th October 2010
5/5 - I was a bit dubious about buying the tool when I read about the difficulty with the switch holding and the guard safety device but after reading up about the tool I found that both issues had been improved. I don't know what the old tool was like to use but the switch now clicks into place and the lock for the guard looks as though it has been redesigned, it is not difficult to use at all. As for performance, I was pleasantly surprised at just what this tool can do and the speed that it does it fantastic.

Review by petro from essex 10th October 2010
1/5 - kicks back to much. plunger sticks not smooth action at all. switches in wrong place. glad i paid half price. plunges into plaster board but forget light chip board. get the fret saw out.

Review by Antony from Sittingbourne 11th February 2010
4/5 - Very, very impressed with the speed and accuracy of cut. Obviously I unscrewed the plunge lock as it makes it impossible to use otherwise. The power switch I know, I know is very fiddly something you squeeze in rather than sliding up would be better. I bought mine cheap from ebay a home shopping return apparently and having used it I would gladly have paid full price for it.

Review by Julia from Sutton Coldfield 9th February 2010
4/5 - Thanks Mark for your suggestions. After making the alterations you propose am able to use this easily. Am sure the next model will be fantastic

Review by Frank Wade from Leicester 2nd February 2010
5/5 - Absolutely outstanding product. Can't believe how easy it made the job of laying laiminate flooring down in a large room. The quality of cut is nothing short of exceptional and it saws through laminate like a knife through butter. Can't say I had any real difficulties with the safety lock or the switch. I can see that without the lock it would be even easier but I guess the tool needs this or something like this to meet the safety directive for tools. Have a bathroom to tile soon and can't wait to see how it tackles that job.

Review by Mark from Surrey 11th December 2009
4/5 - I give this a rating of 4, but only after I did a couple of improvements myself. Firstly, as everyone else says, the safety catch, although doing its job of being safe, is in an awkward position, therefore I had to remove it. Second, also as others say, it's not always easy to hold the power switch on whilst also pressing down on the guard as well as guiding the saw, so I've wedged a little bit of plastic in front of the switch to keep it on, and I switch it on/off just by the switch on the wall. This said, I was quite impressed with it, it went through 4mm clear acrylic with ease and produced a nice clean cut hss60 blade, but keep wetting the cutting area or you end up with a ball of melted plastic clogging the blade guard up. Have only used it the once as yet, but quite impressed so far.

Review by Peter from Southtyne 6th November 2009
2/5 - As Danny from London 20th October 2009 review but worse when left handed. Almost impossible to use especially when wearing gloves. Plus instructions are very poor.

Review by Danny from London 20th October 2009
2/5 - I wish I could have two categories to rate the Exakt Saw. Use would be 1/5. As highlighted the ergonomics of the saw are awful. The on/off should not need to be held to operate the saw, especially when you have to pull and hold the switch to turn it on and then try and use the same muscles to push the saw in the opposite direction to make your cuts while also pushing down to expose the blade from the guard. On the other hand Ive done a tiling job and laid a laminate floor and loved the speed and cut of the saw. Id give it 4/5 for that. Overall, try it out first.

Review by Pete Harrision from Birmingham 21st August 2009
1/5 - the saw does exactly what it says on the box, but what the box fails to say is that this tool is very uncomfortable to use, the sliding on off switch with no catch to keep the saw working, the plunge action that can be anything but smooth and then trying to guide it forward whilst pulling back on the trigger, down on the plunge and then forward into the cut, its not as user friendly as it could be.

Review by David from Chesterfield 21st August 2009
3/5 - Really useful tool with plenty of power but must agree with everyone else that the on/off switch on the side is a total & More than 5 minutes of use and your thumb will feel like it needs a steroid injection I'm righthanded but I'd imagine that lefthanded users would find it even more impossible to use for any length of time.

Review by Manny from West Yorkshire 28th July 2009
2/5 - the saw it self is pretty good, how you will encounter problems when changing a saw blade.the centre screw allen key hole is not deep enough hence causing the allen key to slip and round off, making it useless and its not covered by warrenty.

Review by Michael Palmer from UK 19th July 2009
4/5 - This Exakt Saw is good to cut but the switch on in the wrong place on left side i think the switch press should be on top of the saw instead of the side if you want to use saw near the wall and finger are in the away. I had to put sticky tape on. the same comment by Barry from Perth. this saw is brilliant cut. is there any chance to onoff button to move instead of the siding

Review by Barry from Perth 13th April 2009
3/5 - I received mine as a gift and have found it useful already. The ability to control the depth of a cut very useful and I am impressed with the build quality of the saw. However, I have strong hands with nimble fingers, even I find the Exakt saw fiddly and a bit painful to use if you have a lot of cutting to do. Dont buy this if your hands and fingers get fatigued easily.Ive found the sliding onoff switch on the side of the saw tricky to use and keep engaged when you also have to put pressure onto the saw, activate the safety switch for the plunge mechanism and guide it through the material. A finger operated trigger with a locking mechanism would have been a far better design feature.A word of advice, make sure that the material you are going to cut is secured with clamps or a vice because youll need both hands to operate or guide the saw properly. If youre making a long cut, or lots of cuts, wear gloves because the air circulating around the sides of the blade can get pretty hot and is forced out of the machine very near your fingers.

Review by Norman Hubbleday from UK 14th February 2009
4/5 - Nice piece of kit. However if you have weak wrists this is not for you. If you get the chance try exakt saw before you buy.

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